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Torrid Complex

Torrid Complex

A mission to Metal

  Torrid Complex is an established heavy metal band from Conroe TX. Founded in 2011 by front man Jack Sorenson, The band has made many strides. Members have come and gone, each leaving their mark and influence on what TCX has become. 

   Our group is solidified with founding member Jack Sorenson on vocals, Koury Snider  on lead guitar, Eric Hoffman on bass, Brandon Shairrick on drums, and Toby Graham on rhythm guitar. 

   Our sound can be best described as heavy, driving Southern Progressive Metal with no excuses or apologies. Our stage presence is representative of our music. We are patriotic men who say what we believe and stand behind our word.

  But, we also deliver something to the table for everyone to enjoy. We make every effort to deliver our music in a way that makes the people who are seeing us for the first time want to see us again and again.

  We have 3 full length records out now with our 3rd and most experimental album yet recently announced It is titled Left Behind and was released February 13, 2019. Check it out here.

​  We realize that without our fans, we are only rehearsing. We show appreciation to them as well as the businesses, radio stations, and venues that support TCX all over the world. 

  To anyone considering Torrid Complex as a band to play your venue, festival or party. The most important thing we want you to know is what you are getting. If you'd like Pantera with a side of Lamb of God, maybe some White Zombie or some Crowbar  mixed with a big glass of Southern Hospitality, then you need Torrid Complex over for supper!

  TCX has a mission, and that mission is to set foot on big horizons in the music industry. While TCX has been featured on many platforms such as Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, and IHeart Radio, with the help of our fans and supporters, we could reach those who could take us to the next level such as SiriusXM, Metal Injection, Loudwire, Blabbermouth, Billboard, Rock Feed, Metal Sucks, Music Choice, Touch Tunes, Pandora and more!

Torrid Complex has performed alongside some notable acts and/or festivals such as: Anvil, Dimefest, Drowning Pool, Final Drive, Hed PE, Honky, Jackyl, Jack Russell's Great White, King Parrot, Phil Anselmo, Prong, Psychostick, Ride For Dime, Saliva, Texas Hippie Coalition, The Illegals, and more...

 - TCX

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Just gave a listen to "Gassed" over on Facebook and I can dig it! It reminds me a bit of the Pantera sound but with something original. Well done. Congratulations on 25,000 views.”

— Mike - The Circle Pit


I had the pleasure of seeing Torrid Complex live and shooting video on the night I received this CD[Stained by Hatred]. The most difficult performance to film was “Bodies In Motion,” because there is no way to listen to this song without banging your head.”

Derek Norman | Lone Star Metal Magazine

Torrid Complex did exactly what they came to do, shaking everyone up for a Thursday night to quickly feel like a Friday. [Show featuring Texas Hippie Coalition]”

Heather Miller | Shockwave Magazine

THC and TCX on the same stage... Now that is one hell of a combination!”

— Big Daddy Rich | Texas Hippie Coalition