Left Behind Update - February 2019

We have been writing and recording our third and most experimental album yet titled Left Behind. It is opening up a lot of new doors for us and hopefully, you all will dig what we are doing. It won't be too much longer til' there is some new TCX out there for you all! If you have been able to catch a live show in 2018 then you have gotten a small sample of what's to come.

February 2019 - We are finally in the month of the official release! For real this time! We can't express enough how excited we are and our gratitude to everyone who has pre-ordered the new album. We are just a week away from the release and our celebration show! Celebrate with us on February 16th | BFE Rock Club!

October of 2018 - If you have been following us then you know we were originally anticipating the release for this month. Unfortunately, the album just wasn't quite ready yet and we wouldn't want to release a record we aren't 100% happy with.

November 2018 - We have an official release date! February 16th, 2019! See our shows for more info!

December 2018 - Pre-Orders are available now! We have 3 different ones to choose from! A physical CD, a VINYL, and a BUNDLE including a CD and T-Shirt!

January 2019 - Welcome to the new year ya'll! It is now 1 month until the official release of Left Behind! CDs are here and are just awaiting for the time! Thank you all who have pre-ordered the record. There is still time to do so up until February 1st!


Thank you all for your continued support. Please join our mailing list to get exclusive updates, deals and more! - TCX


  • Tcx fan

    Tcx fan Boston, mass.

    Can’t wait for the new stuff man !!!

    Can’t wait for the new stuff man !!!

  • Torrid Complex

    Torrid Complex

    Thank you for your support!! We can't to have it available for you!

    Thank you for your support!! We can't to have it available for you!

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